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At Beyond, we offer free and confidential pregnancy test. Over the counter test you can buy at the corner store can be costly. Some can give a false negative or false positive depending on when you take the test. Some results are effected by prescription drugs. 
If you do a pregnancy test at home, one thing to be aware of is that a test can be wrong even if it’s positive. To verify your pregnancy, it’s important to get a lab-quality pregnancy urine (hCG) test. A urine pregnancy test measures the levels of hCG, which is a hormone that is secreted when you are pregnant. 

Signs you Should get a Free Pregnancy Test

1. You missed your period.

Many women don't keep track of their cycle and often it is different from month to month.

If you can remember, take the test one month after your last period. Cycle lengths vary, 28 days in average. Stress, diet and exercise can effect the length of your cycle too.
Also pay attention to your flow if you suspect pregnancy. It’s common to experience light bleeding or spotting in the early weeks as the egg buries deeper into the uterine lining during implantation. Take note of any difference in the color, texture, or amount of blood.
2. You have cramps
When a fertilized egg implants into your uterine wall, it can create a pinching or cramping sensation. It is very similar to menstrual cramps.
3. Your Breasts Hurt or are  Tender
With new hormones surging to prepare for pregnancy, it can effects a woman's breasts. They may appear swollen and your nipples may hurt.
Some women have these symptoms leading up to their period so be sure to get a blood or urine test.
4. You're Just Not Feeling Yourself
Early pregnancy can cause you to feel nausea, for you to avoid certain food, feel exhausted and urinate frequently.
5. Protection Failed
A final reason to get a free pregnancy test is when your contraception failed. Birth control pills and condoms and other types of devices don't provide a 100% guarantee to prevent pregnancy. 
Birth control pills have room for human error. It requires daily faithfulness and discipline to take the pill each day. Condoms can break and tear. 

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