Immediate/Crisis services


  • Free onsite Pregnancy Testing

  • Proof of Pregnancy for Pregnancy Medicaid

  • Beyond Baby Boutique for client's maternity and baby needs

  • Community Resource Outreach/Referrals (including assistance with Medicaid, WIC, government programs)

  • Referrals for OB/Midwife 

  • Safe Families for Children for Clients who are facing temporary crisis and need assistance with care for their children 

  • 24/7 Crisis Pregnancy Hotline

  • Baby Showers for clients who are facing crisis

  • Abortion Pill Reversal Referral with local Doctors


Educational Resources/ Community Referrals


  • Adoption Information and Resources

  • Prenatal Education (including information on body, menstrual cycle, abstinence options, pregnancy)

  • Abstinence Information

  • Facts and information regarding abortion and health related complications

  • Information on H.S./GED classes and Job connections referrals

  • Maternity, Housing and Shelter referral information

  • Food Pantries and local Community Center partnership to assist clients

  • Referrals for Medical needs and concerns






Mental Health Services/ Programs provided On-Site

  • Advocates and Ongoing Support Advising and Intervention

  • Breastfeeding Education and Support Groups

  • Grace Life Marriage (Applying Grace in relationships)

  • Parenting Support Groups (What to expect, how to cope, dealing with stressors, and basic information about newborns and small children)

  • Financial Classes/Goal Setting (Identifying steps to achieve current and future goals, help with job application and resume writing, interview skills, and how to budget, Couponing for savings)

  • Healthy/ Unhealthy Relationships Groups (Focusing on STD education, pregnancy prevention, domestic violence concerns, human trafficking)

  • Church/Parish Support Provided In-House for Spiritual Guidance from varies community churches

  • Grief Counseling and Support (Post Abortive/Miscarriage/Loss of Child/ Depression and Shame)

  • Therapeutic group counseling  (Focusing on client's needs such as depression, anxiety, self esteem, sexual abuse, will be provided by a certified mental health provider) Referral to Hope Counseling and In-House services provided


Spiritual Guidance and Family Support


  • Monthly Fellowship Bible study group for clients (Focusing on spiritual concerns and Christian growth)

  • Men’s Mentoring (One on One and Groups)

  • Embrace Grace Program on site, connecting client's with a church body for spiritual, emotional and physical support 

  • Referrals to local churches for clients interested in pastoral guidance and counseling

  • Women’s Mentoring (One on One and Monthly Groups)

  • Connections to local Community Church Families. Visits from local Pastors and Leaders to help build relationships with you and welcome you to connect with their congregation  

Medical Services Referrals

  • Referrals for places to obtain Medical Care

  • Referrals for Pregnancy Blood Testing 

  • Referrals for STD Testing

  • Referrals for Prenatal and Postpartum Care (Conception to Birth)

  • Referral with locations for Childbirth Prep Classes 

  • Breastfeeding Support (In-House/Referrals)


Beyond Programs 


  • Abstinences Program in H.S./J.R. for Preventative Care

  • Post Abortive Healing (In-House)

  • Childbirth Prep Class (In-House)

  • Free Doula Services for our Clients

  • Free Grief Services for those who loss their Precious One 

  • Miscarriage Healing Program



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